For Those Who Like to Play Games
How do you feel about the games? We will try to prove to you that games are not only entertainment for children, but also an interesting pastime for adults.

Of course, you will not believe my word. In the end, we are used to the fact that games are associated with useless exercise that gives pleasure only to children and other adults who play instead of supporting their family, chatting with friends and going fishing on weekends. Did I express your thoughts correctly?

First, I will give you a study at the University of North Carolina, which proved that adults playing Friv 4 games are happier and less depressed than those who do not recognize the games.

Should I believe this study? I think yes. If only because there are no studies that would prove the negative impact of games on the emotional background of a person. Of course, we all heard about gamers who lost consciousness due to the fact that they spent their days playing games. But this is more the exception than the rule.

In addition to this study, I would like to give 10 reasons why adults should play computer games.

Try these games:

You establish a connection with your inner child
Only a few of us after work are doing something interesting for themselves. And constant thoughts about work (especially unloved) lead to depression and boredom.

You can choose any hobby that you like. And if this is a game, then why not? Remember how much you played in your childhood. Having created such a connection with yourself in childhood, you will understand that you can enjoy many things, not just games.
Games help to overcome stress
The older we get, the more problems and commitments fall on our heads. Loans, debts, problems at work - all this creates stressful situations. First of all, you need to understand the cause of stress and get rid of it. And computer games can help you relax and get away from everyday stress for a while.

Anyone who has ever played computer games can say that they make the imagination work, associate themselves with the main character and follow the plot closely. Will this help you in real life? Perhaps yes. After all, we all like people with rich imagination.
Hanging out with friends
If you are tired of going to the same places with your friends, try diversifying your leisure time with computer games. This can strengthen your relationship and help you not to move away from your friends.

There is always a goal in games.

In games, there is always a goal, be it a new level or another achievement. It makes your pastime more interesting and exciting.
Choose a free online game to your taste. Only top and cool games.
Play and have fun!
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